Our advantages

Let’s talk Corporate, shall we?

In technology today, the Internet of Things is THE thing. PaperGo innovates by making the product of the future, connecting the real world with the digital one. This product that can be shaped and adapted to your own needs, as and when you wish. Using technology in a fun, unexpected way, PaperGo's development team specializes in especially designed solutions, satisfying clients’ requests in the most effective and efficient manner- whether these are just a simple act of promotion or a complex technological solution. We provide comprehensive service support at all levels, following a tailor-made approach that accompanies each client throughout the course of our cooperation. At PaperGo, we point out and understand your needs, making your goals our own.

Business (more corporate talk)

Using NFC technology, PaperGo creates not only a fully sophisticated product, but also an innovative service offering an exciting Marketing experience. Through our platform you can: - monitor the data generated from each tap - directly change their content as and when you wish. -manage all data through a simple application on your mobile phone or computer -anticipate your customer needs thanks to the received taps that create a useful database including various statistics -increase awareness of your brand designing effective future campaigns or marketing campaigns, based on realtime consumer behaviors. In other words, your business creates an interactive relationship with its customers, enhancing their branded experience!


It’s the era of information. While communication has gone global, consumers seek more information and an open contact channel with businesses. Our Internet of Things things (Brand Evolution, Card Alive, Packaging+, Smart cities, Smart touch menus, Heart Postal and Up Culture) offer end users unlimited digital options, creating a new interactive relationship with both the product and the business. PaperGo has the product of the future. A product that lets customers easily and quickly read product reviews or evaluations, ask for feedback or the opinions of other customers, thus participating directly in shaping the business' corporate image. With just one tap, PaperGo offers you a unique experience, livening up every aspect of your everyday life.