General About PaperGo
What is PaperGo?
Keeping paper as a source of inspiration, we adapt to contemporary needs and take its use to the next level. Featuring embedded NFC electronic circuits, PaperGo products transform a company's ordinary products into a fully upgraded digital offering, creating a unique customer experience. Using NFC technology, we offer not only a fully sophisticated product but also an innovative service with which you can monitor the data generated from each tap and directly change their content as and when you wish. Our goal is to enhance your corporate image, giving a new impetus to the world of advertising and mobile marketing.
In which material NFC chip embedded?
PaperGo provides an electronic NFC circuitry which can be embedded in any material or packaging e.g. plastic, metal, wood, etc.
What is NFC and how does it work?
NFC is a cutting-edge technology for connecting mobile devices and objects that have embedded NFC circuits. These circuits are so thin that they can be embedded anywhere and remain invisible, while their operation requires absolutely no power source. Its operation is simple· All you have to do is bring an NFC-enabled device close either to another device or to an object containing an NFC circuit. The relevant information will be automatically displayed on screen, without the slightest user movement, offering unlimited options.
What are the advantages of NFC compared to QR codes and Bluetooth?
NFC is very user-friendly, fast, safe and comprehensive, offers a host of features and is easy to adjust at any time. Unlike QR codes, it does not require a special reader; simply touching the object bearing the circuit is enough. In addition, NFC circuits require no power source (battery) and operate only at short distances, guaranteeing communication safety against data interception
PaperGo platform supports QR code technology?
Our platform supports the production of QR codes which can be fitted to your products.
Are all mobile phones compatible with NFC?
Most modern mobile phones and tablets support NFC technology: Samsung, Google Nexus, HTC, Blackberry, LG, Nokia, Sony and many others. Full list (constantly updated from NFC World)
Do users need to install an application on their phone to be able to read PaperGo products?
The PaperGo application has been developed with the full convenience of the end user in mind and therefore does not require any mobile phone application. Regardless of manufacturer and platform, all devices supporting NFC reading also support the application via any browser.
How often can the owner of a PaperGo product manage and update the platform data?
Owners of the PaperGo platform can renew and modify content as and when they wish. Using the platform, they can also monitor and fully control the movement of products, from anywhere in the world.
Why do PaperGo products represent the next step for any business?
At the time when the Internet of Things is the next major step in technology, PaperGo innovates by making the product of the future. A product that can be shaped and adapted to your own needs, as and when you wish. Our development team works towards a tailor-made solution for each client, satisfying their requests in the most effective and efficient manner- whether these are just a simple act of promotion or a complex technological solution. We provide comprehensive service support at all levels, following a customised and individualised approach that accompanies each client throughout the course of their cooperation with our company.
How does BRAND EVOLUTION work and which products can it be used in?
The BRAND EVOLUTION application enables users to receive a unique code confirming the product's authenticity with a simple tap on the PaperGo packaging. On its part, the company can trace and verify the authenticity of its products from the production point through to final sale. You can use BRAND EVOLUTION on any product whose authenticity you wish to guarantee.
Can I choose the shape and size of my CARD ALIVE?
CARD ALIVE is available in any shape and size you want.
How much information can be stored on a CARD ALIVE?
You can store unlimited information on your CARD ALIVE.
How much does CARD ALIVE cost?
As CARD ALIVE provides a complete service, its cost is adapted to each client, depending on its size and their needs. Contact us for an exact cost quote, according to the specifications of your CARD ALIVE.
Which products can PACKAGING+ be used on?
PACKAGING+ can be used on all paper packaging.
What can it offer to end users?
The PACKAGING+ application offers a unique experience to end users, since PaperGo allows access to unlimited information, acquiring an interactive relationship with the final product. At the same time, they can search for other points of sale, or get information through images, videos and valid reviews on the product they purchased.
Can I choose the shape and size of my smart poster or my flyer?
Smart Posters or flyers are available in any shape and size you want.
How does it work and what can a smart poster or a flyer contain?
With a simple tap, users can receive information about a product or company, participate in contests or win discount coupons. At the same time, they can receive information about an event, buy tickets or book seats online, enjoying a comprehensive event ticketing experience. The PaperGo application can also be used as a travel guide, including information on attractions, routes, accommodation and even questions about public transport.
What does SMART TOUCH MENUS application offer?
The SMART TOUCH MENUS application offers users a novel experience, bringing menus to life with a simple tap. Your customers can easily see your daily specials, special offers or happy hours, read reviews or write their own, and even participate in promotions, winning discount coupons.
In how many languages is the SMART TOUCH MENUS application available?
This application can be adapted for use in any language.
Can users order or choose a customised dish through the SMART TOUCH MENUS application?
This application allows users not only to order but also to create any dish they may want based on specific preferences or needs, such as vegetarian, allergies, children's menus, etc.
What does the Heart Postal application offer?
With this application, PaperGo brings the traditional use of greeting cards or postcards to life, offering a full audiovisual experience. Users have the option of recording a video or message, or sending photographs, adding their own touch easily and quickly.
What is the form of these greeting cards or postcards?
They are available in any form and size you want.
How much information can be stored on the greeting card or postcard?
You can store unlimited information.
In what cultural sites can the UP CULTURE application be used?
The UP CULTURE application can be used in museums, libraries, galleries, cultural centres or art venues.
In what form can the information be transmitted?
The UP CULTURE application offers visitors a comprehensive audiovisual experience, helping them discover and explore a wealth of fascinating information. At the same time, they can interact with both the venue, by voting for their favourite exhibit, and with their friends, by publicising their experience through social media.