So, here’s the nerd stuff.

How it works?

Piece of cake!

PaperGo products use NFC, an innovative contactless information exchange technology that provides some SERIOUS of digital options. With a simple tap, you can display the information of your choice. That simple ability, opens a “portal” of unlimited possibilities perfectly adjustable to your needs. Our application directly changes both the way your business operates and the daily life of end users.

Mobile Interactive

NFC is an ultra-thin circuit containing a large number of data and actions. Its small size and flexibility means that it can be embedded in paper, while its operation does not require any power source. That’s awesome right? So, when combined with printing applications (cards, leaflets, posters and other stuff), NFC gives paper a new dimension, giving life to printed information!

Web Platform

A smartphone or a tablet, and a simple tap. That’s all NFC needs to work! In this way, end users have access to the information determined and shaped by the company that owns the PaperGo product. With paper as the only mediator, the company creates a new interactive relationship with end users AND builds and maintains effective mobile marketing strategies. How cool is that?